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How to Repair Corrupt MP4 File on Mac?

Dealing with corrupt MP4 files on your Mac can be frustrating, especially if they contain valuable videos or memories. However, there are manual and software methods available to help you repair and recover your corrupt MP4 files. In this article, we will explore both approaches, providing step-by-step instructions for manually repairing MP4 files and introducing reliable software solutions for Mac users. By following these methods, you can increase the chances of restoring your corrupt MP4 files and enjoying them once again.

1. Manual Method - Fixing Corrupt MP4 using VLC Media Player

  • Step 1: Download and install VLC Media Player on your Mac.
  • Step 2: Launch VLC and click on "Media" in the menu bar, then select "Convert / Save"
  • Step 3: In the "File" tab, click on "Add" and select the corrupt MP4 file.
  • Step 4: Click on the "Convert / Save" button and choose a destination to save the repaired file.
  • Step 5: Under the "Settings" section, select a profile such as "Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4)" and click "Start" to initiate the repair process.
  • Step 6: Once the process is complete, play the repaired file in VLC to verify the repair success.

If the above manual method fail to fix the issues with your corrupt MP4 file, then try with the software method, which is fully automated.

2. Software Method - Use MP4 Repair Software to Fix Damaged MP4 on Mac

One of the most recommended and efficient software, Repair MP4 is the best utility to fix corrupted MP4 file on OS X machine. The tool has inbuilt read-only repair strategies that will resolve all issues related to MP4 video file format and provides quick solution to your query how to repair a corrupt MP4 file on Mac.

Software has caliber to fix unreadable MP4 as well as MOV movies created on various camcorders and other digital gadgets. The software includes user friendly interface that makes the process of corrupt MP4 file repair on Mac trouble free. MP4 files that are corrupted due to virus infection, faulty firmware, etc on memory cards, hard drive, USB drive and other storage devices can all be fixed within few mouse clicks. If you still have queries about how to fix corrupt MP4 video file on Mac, then make use of trial version which is free of cost.

Steps to fix corrupt MP4 file on Mac OS X:

Step1: Download the repair software on your Mac machine. After successful installation, launch the tool. In few seconds the main window will get displayed as shown in figure 1.

How to Repair a Corrupt MP4 File on Mac - Main Window

Main Screen

Step 2: Now, browse and select the corrupt MP4 file on your Mac system by clicking on Open button. After selecting the file, click on Repair button to trigger the process of MP4 repair as shown in figure 2.

How to Repair a Corrupt MP4 File on Mac - File selection screen

Selection Screen

Step 3: As shown in figure 3, the software displays the status of repair process in status bar i.e. the progress of repairing the corrupt MP4 file

How to Repair A Corrupt MP4 File On Mac - Repair Process Screen

Repair Process Screen

Step 4: After completion of repair process, fixed MP4 video will be readily accessible. Click on preview button to view the repaired file description and then click on save button to save this video file to desired location on Mac.

How to Repair A Corrupt MP4 File On Mac - Preview Window

Preview Window

Now let's have a glance at the scenarios wherein MP4 file gets corrupted:

  • Improper download: While downloading MP4 video, chances of file corruption gets increased if there is no proper network connectivity or if the site has any malicious programs that infects the video file being downloaded
  • Malfunctioning of media player: When MP4 video is tried to play on multimedia player that has any irregularities or improper software updates or that doesn’t support MP4 file format will damage the video. However, it is easy to fix MP4 videos on Mac after its damage using MP4 file repair tool. Follow this link to fix damaged video instantly:
  • Video editing tools: Making use of unauthenticated third party video editing tools to play, edit or to convert MP4 file to other format may corrupt the file severely
  • Other reasons: Incorrect file transfer process, Mac hard drive corruption on which MP4 file is saved, file system corruption, etc. can all lead to damaged MP4 video file on Mac.


Repairing corrupt MP4 files on your Mac is possible through manual methods using VLC Media Player and specialized MP4 repair software. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article, you can increase the likelihood of recovering your corrupt MP4 files and regain access to your valuable videos. Remember to create backups, keep your software updated, and explore professional assistance if needed. With persistence and the appropriate methods, you can successfully repair corrupt MP4 files on your Mac and enjoy your cherished videos once again.

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