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Damaged Mp4 Video File Repair Software

MP4 video files are very popular as it enormously used in different digital camera, camcorder, iPod, mobile phones, tablet etc. It is capable to hold both audio and video stream in a single file. It provides high definition video and clarity in audio stream it requires larger size than others video types. Due to its grater size and complexity in structure, MP4 file is prone to corruption in different circumstances. Next to damage of file, you cannot play the MP4 video on your computer or any other device. Then, you need damaged MP4 video file repair software to fix this problem easily. If you are looking for a smart utility to fix your favorite MP4 video file, make use of Repair MP4 software as early as possible. This tool is able to fix different types of MP4 video file corruption instances in a convenient way.

Let us take a quick look on frequent reason behind MP4 file corruption.

Improper Use of Videos: MP4 file may get damaged easily due to some issues on camcorder when you are recording it. If your memory card is full or battery is low during recording of video file, it may corrupt. Even, when you are viewing the video file on your computer, if the system is turned off suddenly, it may be damaged. If you try to play the same MP4 video file after power supply is back, you may encounter with some error messages like error-2002 bad public movie atom, error 2041, etc. Then, if you want to fix that video easily, choose Repair MP4 software as best damaged MP4 video file repair software, as it can effortlessly repair error-2002 bad public movie atom in MP4 and other errors in MP4 video files.

Interrupted Data Transfer: Your favorite video may get unplayable after damage if any interruption occurs during file transfer. Many times, we transfer video file from external storage device to computer or vice-versa. During this operation, if you disconnect the USB drive suddenly or reboot your computer, there is a great chance of video file corruption. If it happens, utilize this damaged MP4 video file repair software to fix corrupt MP4 movie file.

Virus Infection: Like any other files, MP4 videos may also be damaged due to infection of dangerous viruses. Video files may get infected in your computer if you download the video from any suspicious site or connect any virus infected external storage device to system. These viruses can damage the file system of the MP4 video, which makes the file unplayable. To open that unplayable video file, you can use this link:

Apart from these reasons, if your important MP4 video is damaged in any reason make use of this Repair MP4 tool for easy and successful repair. It offers better result in damaged video file repair because this application fix audio and video stream separately and then adjoins them to make a healthy file. Using this tool, you can also fix corrupted MOV file very easily. It is a read-only application that does not modify or hamper the original MP4 file for repair. You can fix damaged MP4 file on both Windows and Mac operating system. To employ this damaged MP4 video file repair software on Windows 8 computer, visit this

Easy steps to Fix Damaged Mp4 Video File:

Step1: First, install the demo version of this application on your computer and launch it from desktop icon. After that, you have to browse the damaged MP4 file using "Open" button and then click on "Repair".

Damaged Mp4 Video File Repair Software - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Once the repair operation will be finished, you can preview the repaired MP4 file by clicking on "Preview repaired file" option from this screen.

Repair Corrupted MP4 file - Preview Window

Figure 2: Preview Window

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