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Repair MP4 Files

MP4 is a multimedia file format which is used as a container for storing any audio, video, 2D-3D graphics and animated videos. Generally, it is known as MPEG-4. This file format uses different compression methods for storing audio and video files separately. AAC (Advance Audio Coding) compressing format is used for storing audio files whereas MPEG-4 encoding algorithm is used for storing video files. Since it is a container format, it also contains MPEG-2 AAC and MP3 bit stream. The popularity of MP4 has increased considerably compared to MP3. With the help of MP4 file format you can easily send any multimedia item (containing both audio and video) over the internet with a faster speed. MP4 container format is compatible with iPods, iTunes and PSP (Play Station Portable).

Because of this compatibility, MP4 is much more popular and widely used by large number of people from every corner of the globe. You can easily play MP4 files on different media players that supports MP4 or MPEG-4 files such as Apple Quick Time player, Windows Media player, VLC player, Winamp and many more. Usually all the files are stored in .mp4 file format. But there are many other file extensions under which different media items can be stored such as .m4a, .m4p, .mp4v and several other file formats. Like other file types, MP4 file can also get damaged and sometimes it even gets corrupted under many scenarios.

Reasons for MP4 file corruption are mentioned below:

Severe virus attack: Viruses can damage your MP4 file very badly. Once your MP4 file gets infected with some dangerous and harmful virus then there is a chance that your file will get corrupted. It is a known fact that all multimedia files are more prone to get affected by virus attack. Not only this, but it has also been observed in some scenarios that viruses are able to destroy some part of your media files if it gets infected by it.   

Trying to change file extension: Changing file extension can also corrupt your MP4 files. Trying to change file extension manually or by using inappropriate third party application can damage your file severely. Suppose if you want to change MP4 file to MP3 file and for that purpose if you are taking the help of unreliable and incompatible converting file extension software then in that case your file may get damaged and becomes inaccessible for further use. After that, employ this application to repair that MP4 file with ease. In this process, this link will help

Abruptly removing multimedia storage device: If you want to transfer some of your important MP4 files from your system to other storage device that supports MP4 file extension such as iPods, iTunes, Flash memory card, SD card or PSP can also lead to file corruption if the particular storage device has not been removed safely and properly after your data getting transferred or abruptly removing it during file transferring process. Accidentally it may happen that you just remove your USB storage device from your system without checking whether your file gets transferred properly or not. In that case your MP4 file is likely to get corrupted.

Accommodating MP4 files to a storage device by using cut and paste option: Sometimes it may happen that you want to accommodate a particular MP4 file to a storage device which has very less space for storing that MP4 file. In that situation you might use cut and paste option in order to fit your file within that remaining space limit. For example; you want to accommodate 512MB file size to a storage device of 1GB size which has only 200MB space left. In that condition if you try to fit 512MB file within 200MB space by using cut and paste option can affect your MP4 file. If you do so then a part of the file will get pasted to the storage device and remaining part of the file becomes corrupted as you have selected cut option during transferring process.

Once your MP4 file gets corrupted then you will come across various symptoms which will prove that your file gets corrupted and became inaccessible. Some of the most common symptoms are as follow:

  • You will see annoying messages when you try to open a particular file
  • Media file stops suddenly when it is in active mode
  • You will not be able to access any of your MP4 files
  • MP4 files will not respond at all
  • You will not be able to transfer any MP4 file to other storage device

Therefore, you can easily overcome all these problems by fixing MP4 files with the help of professional and efficient MP4 file repairing software. fix MP4 filessoftware is the best repairing software among all other MP4 repairing software. This application helps you to fix corrupt MP4 in a short period of time. It is a highly advanced MP4 fixing software that has powerful algorithms which helps you to fix audio files MP4 in an effective manner. It has auto fix process which makes the fixing process very easy. Not only this, but also it also separates video and audio files and adjoins them to create relevant playable video file. This application supportsfixing corrupt MP4 videos of some video files codecs such as avc1, mp4v, mjpeg. Basically, this tool is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit) and Lion 10.7 (64-bit) operating systems. Therefore, you can also fix MP4 Mac OS X without facing any obstacles. This tool can also repair MP4 files on Windows corrupted due to virus attack and abrupt system shut down.

Steps that will guide you about how torepair mp4 files with corrupted header using this software:

Step1: Download and Install demo version of Fix MOV and launch it by clicking on the desktop icon. As soon as you launch it, you will come across the main window as shown in Figure 1

Repair MP4 file - Main Window

Figure 1 : Home Screen

Step2: After this, you have to select your corrupted MP4 file from the location where it has been stored. You have to click on "Open" button in order to trace the location of your corrupted file and load it. Immediately after this, you have to click on "Repair" button in order to execute the fixing process as shown in Figure 2

Repair MP4 file - File selection screen

Figure 2 : File selection window

Step 3: Once the button turns green, the software will start its fixing process immediately. You can see the progress of the repairing process in a separate window as shown in Figure 3

Repair MP4 file - Repair process screen shot

Figure 3 : Progress of repairing process

Step 4: Click on "Preview repaired file" option once the fix process gets completed effectively. Once you click on Preview fixed file option, you will be able to preview your fixed file as shown in Figure 4

Repair MP4 file - Final screen shot

Figure 4 : Final step - Preview screen shot

NOTE: The main advantage of demo version is that you can easily preview your repaired file as soon as the fix process gets over, but the disadvantage is that you cannot save repaired file until and unless you activate the full version of this software. In the preview screen shot, you can see that Save repaired file option is located after Preview repaired file option but this option is unavailable in demo version. Therefore, you need to buy the full version of this application in order to save your repaired file successfully.

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