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Repair MOV File

Are you currently facing any problem with MOV files? Are you unable to play your mp4 files due to corruption? Then, here is an excellent solution to rescue your Digital camera video files, with the help of MOV file repair utility you can easily fix the corrupted MOV files. This software is sophisticated with the help of various features to overcome any problem that might encounter to your video files. This is one of the excellent application MP4 video and audio files without any difficulty. As we know nowadays MP4 file is supported to several multimedia devices. So keeping such issues in mind this tool is designed to fix MOV files which are captured by any brands of cameras or by cell phones..

This tool can prevail over following MP4 file corruption issues:

  • MOV files may be corrupted due to virus infection:- Suppose the virus comes in contact with MP4 or MOV files, then the files might be broken and gets corrupted and you might be unable to play such files.
  • Improper file format conversion: Infer you desire to convert the MOV files to other file format, if this is made imperfectly or the application exploited to convert the MOV files may be incompatible to convert the files properly, in this situation the files might be corrupted.
  • Unexpected power failure: Generally while playing the MP4 files, if the power gets failed suddenly then the video player might be stopped suddenly and it might cause corruption to those files, thus this might be the reason for your files corruption.
  • Incomplete file transfer: - While moving the files between system and external drive or vice versa, the process is terminated unexpectedly then there is a chance of file corruption. For more information visist this link -

You can fix the MP4 files using this MOV file repair utility; it provides you the smart way to secure all your MP4 files in simple mouse clicks. It is capable to fix the MOV files under any type of corruption. This tool executes the repair process of the large sized MOV files on Quick time and supports the audio file repair too. Initially it fixes the audio and video files separately and then adjoins them later so that it will be changed as new file.

Additionally, if the files are corrupted or non playable on any digital cameras, then you can use it on both Mac and Windows computers to fix such files. It is efficient to fix the files like avc1, mp4v, mjpeg etc. and also revamps the audio files like sowt, RAW, mp4a. All fixed files will be viewable using different options to ensure the results. It is capable to fix the MP4 files and captured on any type of Camcorders. So it is much susceptible to fix MP4 songs and videos.

Steps to repair MOV files using this tool are as shown below:

Step1: You execute demo version after installation to repair MOV files as shown in Figure 1.

Repair MOV File - Main Window

Figure 1 : Home Screen

Step2: Select corrupted MOV file and then click on "Open" and then carry out the repair process as shown in figure 2.

Repair MOV File - MOV File Selection Screen

Figure 2 : MOV File Selection Screen

Step 3: After second step you can vew the reapir process continuation as shown in figure 3.

Repair MOV File - Repair process screen shot

Figure 3 : Progress of Repairing Process

Step 4: You can preview the fixed files, but in order to save the fixed files you have to purchase the complete version of this tool.

Repair MOV File - Preview File

Figure 4 : Preview File

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