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Software to Fix MP4 Sound Issue

“Whenever I try to play one of my treasured MP4 file, it does not plays with audio. What should I do to fix MP4 no sound issue?” This, is one of the common problem that happens with any MP4 file. Users usually face this kind of problem when MP4 file is corrupted to some extent. In such situations the easiest ways to fix MP4 no sound problem is implementation of Repair MP4 software. This software scans MP4 file using its outstanding algorithm and makes a new MP4 file which is of the same quality.

Issues like MP4 file with no sound, usually happens due to plethora of reasons a few of them are detailed as follows:

Virus Attack: One of the most repeated reasons for absence of audio from MP4 file is due to virus attack. Viruses can alter audio stream to such an extent that audio stream may not play with video file. As this kind of corruption happen there is no manual way to fix MP4 no sound problem.

Improper Closing: When we close video file like MP4 in a very inappropriate way, then it can cause some damage to the audio stream, which eventually leads to absence of audio from MP4 file. Improper closing of MP4 file happens due to power failure, software conflict, etc.

Error while Downloading / Transferring: We usually get MP4 file by downloading or by transferring it from other storage device. If in either of cases, any kind of interruption happens then it can result in corruption of audio stream.

Improper Recovery: When we delete any of the files from stored location, then we make use of recovery software to retain them back. If recovery software isn’t reliable and it delivers MP4 file with corrupted audio stream, then you can make use of MP4 file by repairing it by usage of Repair MP4 software.

Other Reasons: There can be various other reasons for corruption of MP4 audio stream. A few of them are faulty video player, round tripping error, improper handling of file, etc. To know more about this kind of scenarios visit this link:

For all of the above mentioned scenarios, you can make use of this software to repair MP4 file that isn’t playing with sound. This software scans MP4 file and re-creates new video and audio streams and later joins them to make new video file without losing any originality of the file. In case if you are specifically looking for software that can be used to fix MP4 no sound issue for Android phone videos, then visit this link:

This software can be easily used on different Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc. On completion of repair process users can preview MP4 file. Besides helping users to repair MP4 files it can also be used to repair MOV file. This application can also be used to repair video stream that is corrupted due to any of the above mentioned scenarios. In addition to fix MP4 video on Windows, this repairing app is compatible to perform corrupt MP4 file repair on Mac and make the corrupted video playable.

Steps to fix MP4 no sound problem:

Step1: Download the repair software on your system. After successful installation, launch the tool. In few seconds the Main Window will get displayed as shown in figure 1.

Fix MP4 no Sound - Main Screen

Main Screen

Step 2: Now, browse and select the MP4 file on your system by clicking on Open button. After selecting the file, click on Repair button to trigger the process of MP4 repair as shown in figure 2.

Fix MP4 no Sound - Select MP4 File

Select MP4 File

Step 3: As shown in figure 3, the software displays the status of repair process in status bar i.e. the progress of repairing the corrupt MP4 file

Fix MP4 no Sound - MP4 Repair Process Window

MP4 Repair Process Window

Step 4: After completion of repair process, users can preview MP4 file as shown in below figure.

Fix MP4 no Sound - Preview Window

Preview Window


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