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Know How to Fix Error-2002 Bad Public Movie Atom in MP4 Video File

How to repair error-2002 bad public movie atom in MP4 file? I have huge collections of MP4 movie files in my system's internal hard drive. In my free time, I used to spend my time by watching movies. Today morning, I thought of spending my free time by watching a movie in my system and I opened one of my favorite movie in QuickTime Player. I was shocked at that moment, as Windows displayed an error message stating 'Error-2002 bad public movie atom'. Then, I thought there might be some problem in QuickTime player and so I opened it in VLC player, but I encountered same error. Is it possible to repair MP4 error-2002 bad public movie atom? If so, I want to know the best solution to fix the error. Thank you…!

If you are a victim of the above mentioned error, then do not worry, as it is possible to repair MP4 error-2002 bad public movie atom with the aid of Repair MP4 software. A team of technical experts has developed this software with special algorithms. It is available for free download and once you initiate the scanning process, this App scans your corrupted MP4 video file and fixes the issues with the help of its advanced algorithms in a matter of few seconds. You can even preview the repaired MP4 files before saving them to your destination location. To save the repaired MP4 file, you need to purchase the complete edition of this App.

There may be various reasons behind the occurrence of this error message. Few common reasons for this error message are discussed below:

  • Virus Damage: Some external threats like viruses and malwares could be the reason behind this type of error messages in MP4 file. If your system's hard drive partition where you have saved MP4 files is affected by virus, then you may face this error message when you try to play on any media player.
  • Improper Recovery: If the lost or accidentally deleted MP4 files are recovered using some unreliable third party recovery tool, the chance of recovered MP4 file getting damage will be quite higher. So, one should use best and reliable data recovery tool to recover lost MP4 movie file.
  • Broken of MP4 File Header: MP4 file header contains useful information, which is necessary for accessing MP4 file. If this header file gets corrupt or broken due to any reasons, then the entire MP4 file goes useless. If you try to play such movies in any player, occurrence of this error message is guaranteed. If you face this issue, then just use this software and fix broken MP4 header in few easy steps.
  • Other Reasons: Apart from the above discussed scenarios, you may encounter this type of error message in MP4 file due to various other reasons like round tripping, presence of excessive bad sectors, incomplete download, frequent power outage, incomplete file transfer, etc.

To avoid these issues, it is better to have a backup of all your MP4 files on some storage media. In case, if you don't have backup, need not worry, straightaway download this software and fix error-2002 bad public movie atom in MP4 files in few simple steps. It separates audio and video codecs and repairs them individually. Later, it adjoins them to make a healthy playable MP4 video file.

Features of this software:

Repair MP4 tool is capable enough to repair MP4 error-2002 bad public movie atom on all Mac and Windows operating systems. The supported audio and video codecs by this App are RAW, mp4a, avc1, mjpeg, mp4v, etc. This tool is able to repair MP4 error-2002 bad public movie atom in various electronic gadgets including digital camera, Camcorder, mobile phone, iPods, etc. of all leading brands. Besides, it can even repair error 2041 in MP4 video file with utmost ease. By using this award winning tool, anyone of you can effortlessly fix audio and video synchronization problems in MP4 files.

Follow the steps given below to fix MP4 error-2002 bad public movie atom:

Step1:Download and Install free trial version of MP4 fix software and run the spplication by double clicking on the desktop shortcut. After launching it, the software starts processing where you will see the main screen of the application as shown in Figure 1.

Repair MP4 Error-2002 Bad Public Movie Atom - Main Window

Figure 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: In the second step, you need to select your corrupted MP4 file. Click on "Open" button, to find and select the corrupted MP4 file that needs to be fixed. Once you select the desired file, click on "Repair" button so that you can commence the fix process as shown in Figure 2.

Repair MP4 Error-2002 Bad Public Movie Atom - File selection screen

Figure 2 : File Selection Screen

Step 3: In the Next screen you can easily see the flow and progress of the fixing process as displayed in Figure 3.

Repair MP4 Error-2002 Bad Public Movie Atom - Repair process screen shot

Figure 3 : Repairing Process Screen

Step 4: Later, you can preview your repaired MP4 file as soon as the fix proces gets over. Just click on "Preview repaired file" option for previewing details about your repaired file as shown in Figure 4.

Repair MP4 Error-2002 Bad Public Movie Atom - Final screen shot

Figure 4 : Preview Screen

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