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Repair MP4 files on Mac OS X Lion

MP4 files also known as MPEG-4 are those file formats that are of audio and visual digital data (AV). These files are stored in file extension as .mp4. These files can be played on Quick Time Player and other supported players that are compatible with Mac OS. This file format, which is used to store any multimedia files ranging from audio clips, video clips, sub-titles, and animated items. All most all the latest technologies like iPods, PSP, smart phones etc. support MP4 file formats. It supports video and audio file types such as avc1, mp4v, mjpeg, RAW, mp4a etc. This software supports cameras such as Canon500D, Canon600D, Canon1100D, KodakZ980, Kodak Zx3, Kodak Zx5, Kodak Ze1 and Samsung SMX-C20N, Contour, GoPro, Samsung etc.

Like almost every other file, even MP4 files can be lost easily or can be inaccessible due to some reason. When this happens, first thing any one would do is to search for the backup file. Therefore, it is very important to keep an updated backup of all the files on your system. If in case you do not have backup of your files then you will need to use recovery software that will help you to fix mac mp4 files to retrieve corrupted or lost files. You can alsofix MP4 files after header corruption.

There are various reasons due to which MP4 files can be corrupted or damaged:

  • File transfer: If you are copying your file or transferring MP4 file from one location to another or from one device to another, while doing this if you interrupt the file transfer by closing it or shutting down the system will lead to loss of data.
  • Virus attack: It is very important to keep your anti-virus updated; if not then it will not be able to detect the virus in the system. When you download and install unknown or infected application or software to the system this might damage the files on your system.
  • Inappropriate Player: If you are opening the MP4 file in any other player that does not support this file format then it might damage the MP4 file. Apple Quick Time Player, Apple iTunes, VideoLAN VLC media player, Eltima Elmedia supports MP4 files.
  • File extension: It is very important to change the file extensions in a correct way other wise the file might not open or play.
  • System Shut down: while you are working on your system or watching a movie on your system and if the system shuts down suddenly without giving any prior notice, this might lead to loss of files on Mac. One more reason for sudden shut down might be due to power fluctuation, which again might be the cause for data loss.
Points to remember:
  • Do not store any new MP4 files on the drive from where you have lost your files.
  • Do not try to change any file extension manually and do not interrupt while transferring the file from one location to the other.
  • Always scan the files, which are downloaded or copied from an external drive.
  • Use appropriate player to play the MP4 files.

You canfix MP4files on Mac OS X Lion to retrieve the mp4 files from Mac OS. This software is also available in a trial version, which will help you search for the lost and deleted mp4 files. You can preview the files that are found and when you purchase this tool, you can recover it completely. Corrupted MP4 files repair can also be done using this tool. The software also allows you to performMP4 songs repaircan easily despite of the severity of the corruption.

Follow these steps to fix MP4 files:

Step1: Download and Install demo version of this software and run it. In the main screen you will be able to upload your corrupted MP4 file that needs to be repaired, you can browse the file by clicking on "Open".

Repair MP4 file - Main Window

Main Screen

Step 2: Once you click on Open button, the software will open corrupted file from the location where it has been stored. After your file gets uploaded, click on "REPAIR" button.

Repair MP4 file - File selection screen

Selection Screen

Step 3: When the repairing process starts, the selected MP4 files which is corrupted/damaged will be fixed.

Repair MP4 file - Repair process screen shot

fix Processing Window

Step 4: Once the fix process is over, you can easily preview repaired file by clicking on "Preview repaired file" option

Repair MP4 file - Final screen shot

Preview Window

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