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Compress Mp4 Video Files for Email

Millions of people use MP4 video files on their laptop, mobiles, tablet, digital camera etc and store their important video clips or movies for future use. MP4 file provides HD quality video and maximum resolution. But, large size of this type of video file creates maximum problem for us. Many times, we need to send a MP4 video file by email but we cannot do it because of its size. After facing this problem, most of the people try to find another way like breaking that file in different parts to hand over that file. Here, is an easy way to send that large sized MP4 file by email without fragmenting it. You should employ a file compression utility to compress mp4 video files for email. Using this application, you can reduce the size of the video file to the range of file that can be uploaded on internet. If are looking for such application, Remo MORE will be most appropriate for MP4 video compression.

Remo More tool offers different efficient compression algorithm to compress video file in different level. You can choose any of the compression methods to reduce its size in the necessary range. In different email operators, maximum size of file that can be uploaded is different. If your MP4 video is fitting with the maximum criteria, you have to compress MP4 video files for email. To make this process simple and efficient, Remo MORE software will be best suited. This tool is able to reduce size of video file by a large amount. Besides MP4 video, if you want to compress any file or folder, this utility will be the perfect tool.

Apart from emailing, you will be benefitted with some other features offered by this application. Employing this application, you can reduce size of MP4 video files as well as you can save your memory space on mobile, laptop, digital camera or any other devices. After compressing a large-sized file, you can also protect that file from corruption and different viruses with large extent. As we know, a high-resolution video file is associated with its size, you may worried about its quality before compression. No need to panic, this application reduces the size of MP4 file carefully without losing its quality. Extraction of a compressed folder is also very easy utilizing this tool to access all information in it.

This Remo MORE file compression program has different features to compress MP4 video files for email and efficient use of precious storage space. Along with that, reducing the size of file you can transfer it very easily and less span of time. This application can compress more than 4 GB of a single file. You can also employ this prominent utility to protect that compressed video file with password to prevent illegal access. It saves that compressed file in standard .zip and .rzip format. Moreover, you can compress MP4 video files for email on Windows, Mac and Android operating system in the same way.

Steps to Compress Mp4 Video Files for Email:

Step 1: First, download and Install this free version of compression software on your computer. Then launching it, select "ZIP" option from Compress category as shown in fig 1.

Compress Mp4 Video Files for Email - Select ZIP Option

Fig 1: Select ZIP Option

Step2: Next, you have to click on "Create New RZIP File" option to compress the video files for emailing.

Compress Mp4 Video Files for Email - Create New RZIP File

Fig 2: Create New RZIP File

Step 3: Now, you have to select those video files that you want to compress and click on "Compress" button.

Compress Mp4 Video Files for Email - Add Files / Folders

Fig 3: Add Files / Folders

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