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Repair Damaged Mp4 Video File on Windows 8

MP4 format is a very popular video file format that is used to save movies and video clips in different camcorder, digital camera etc. You can also use this video file on your Windows computer very frequently. It is usually larger in size and contains video and audio codec’s. It also supports iPods, mobile phones etc and this compatibility feature makes it more popular to user. Due to its complex structure and greater compatibility, we have to face several corruption issues on MP4 video very frequently. If you are suffering from corruption of your favorite MP4 movie file and cannot access it on your Windows 8 computer, do not panic. Here is an appropriate tool to repair damaged mp4 video file on Windows 8 easily. Repair MP4 is one such tool that can fix unplayable MP4 video file after damage in few mouse clicks.

You may end up with MP4 file corruption situation in plenty of circumstances. Some of common MP4 file corruption instances are highlighted below:

  • MP4 video is mostly corrupted due to frequent change in its file extension. Many times, we change the file extension manually or using a third party utility without knowing whether it is appropriate or not. If this conversion is not useful for you, you can convert it back to MP4 format. But this repeated conversion of file may damage the video file. As a result, that video file get damaged and become unreadable. To fix unreadable MP4 video using this Repair MP4 utility follow this link:
  • This type of video file may also be damaged because of sudden system shut down when it is open. When your important MP4 video is playing or transferring to other devices, if your Windows 8 system restarts or turned off, there is big possibility of corruption. Sudden power surge, abrupt ejection of external memory may be the reason of such corruption of video file.  Most convenient way to fix corrupted MP4 file in these situations is utilization of Repair MP4 utility.
  • Apart from this, MP4 video file on Windows 8 computer may also be damaged if you save it on bad sector on the drive, virus infection on the file, incomplete downloading of MP4 video, header corruption etc. In any of these situations, you can make use of this efficient tool to repair damaged MP4 video file on Windows 8. If the case is worst, if you try to play such corrupted MP4 files, then you may face some error message like 'error-2002, bad public movie atom, error-2041, and many more. Do not be panic is you come across these errors, as you can effortlessly fix MP4 error-2002 bad public movie atom and other erros by using Repair MP4 software.

Irrespective of the reason of MP4 file corruption, you can employ this software to fix corrupted, damaged and inaccessible MP4 video easily. It can fix broken MP4 as well as repair DSLR MOV video file in a short period of time. It supports different video and audio codec of MP4 video and performs repair operation without hampering the source code. You can utilize this utility to repair damaged MP4 video on all major versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8. If you need to fix damaged MP4 file on Mac computer, go through this link:

Easy steps to Repair Damaged Mp4 Video File on Windows 8:

Step1: Download and Install the demo version MP4 repair software and run it. In the main screen you will be able to upload the corrupted MP4 song that needs to be repaired, you can browse the file by clicking on "Open".

Repair Damaged Mp4 Video File on Windows 8 - Main Window

Main Screen

Step 2: Once you click on Open button, the software will open corrupted file from the location where it has been stored. After the file gets uploaded, click on "REPAIR" button.

Repair MP4 file - File selection screen

Selection Screen

Step 3: Once the repair process is over, you can easily preview repaired file by clicking on "Preview repaired file" option.

Repair MP4 file - Final screen shot

Preview Screen

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